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Burnout affects our caring industries–healthcare in particular–through the slow erosion of energy and progressive mounting of cynicism. Burnout decreases carers' quality of work, and with it, their feelings of personal accomplishment.

At Squirrel Haus Consulting, we help you uncover and address the particular challenges that confront carers and caring institutions when addressing professional burnout. We help you build the health, wellbeing and resilience you need to thrive within your own professional community.


We believe that when resilience is a practice, the carer community can better anticipate and manage risk, deal with setbacks more appropriately, and stay engaged during times of challenge. No client is too big or too small to work through our practices.

We all win when we care for our caregivers.

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Our Services


WOrkshops for Professionals

Geared toward individuals, teams, divisions, or entire organizations, we help professionals of all levels uncover their own strategies for addressing personal burnout. We also help organizations develop positive workplace cultures.

Our goal is to have each participant or organization armed with a toolkit for effectively coping with and managing stressful situations, learning compassion toward self and others, and focusing on the positive and fulfilling aspects of life. Regardless of what tools you uncover, we help you take back professional joy.

Break-Out Sessions for Conferences or Off-sites

Through our productive breakout sessions, we help conference organizers, organizations, communities, and professional groups who want to dive deeper into wellbeing and resilience.



COnsultancy for Organizations

An organization's “best culture” can never be defined as one-size-fits-all. We tailor our work to fit your particular needs, whether the culture needs a strategy overhaul or simply several clever tweaks. We’ll partner with you to envision an ideal future state, define bold challenge statements, then drill backwards to uncover a path forward. We can assist with ongoing strategy implementation and transformational guidance.


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